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Weigh-in#4 & goals for February

I ended up down 6.5 lbs for the month of January. I was down another .5lbs this week. The weight has been coming off slow and steady which is awesome, I am seeing the changes and am noticing the habits that I am forming are not just “need to get this done now” type of habits but everyday life habits and they are becoming part of my everyday routines. I drink water on a regular basis and take a bottle everywhere I go now because I get thirsty. It is like my body craves it. I make conscious decisions about where I am going to eat and what, for example: last night instead of eating on the fly at some fast food place, we had homemade leftovers that were in the fridge, then we went out. There was no difference in time gained but certainly a difference in the quality of food that we ate.
The weather has changed again here, so running outside today is out of the question so a date with Mr. Elliptical it will be today.
I did fall off the Fab-Abs challenge for January, I was finding that everyday was too much for my body so I do this every second day, and as part of my workouts. So it is more like I jumped on another wagon rather than completely falling off.
I am very pleased with how January turned out for this challenge. My goal for the eight weeks was to be down 7 lbs and I am already down 6.5 (3lbs was my goal for January – check). I am running on a regular basis again (running 5K regularly for January was my goal – check), drinking water and eating well on a regular basis. No regrets here 🙂 I am going to keep it up. February is another quiet month for us around home. A couple of kids activities during the week but that’s it. No travel plans or crazy weekends…. now March, that is a different story, but nothing that can’t be planned out or worked on.
Goals for February:
1. weight loss = another 5 lbs (modified from original goal as I am almost at the 7 lbs down), I want to see 145 on the scale 🙂
2. running = work up to 7.5 km on a regular basis (each time out). By sticking with the half marathon training I will do this.
3. continue with the great work on eating healthy and drinking water.
4. get the kids and John more active
A big thank you to my support system, my hubby who encourages me to get in the miles, my fabulous Facebook groups – I cannot say enough wonderful things about the encouragement and support that I receive, and my two favorite websites to visit – Shrinkingjeans and AnotherMotherRunner, they are a wealth of wonderful information and link to so many inspirational and encouraging blogs/website/etc.
Here is to another great month!!


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Long run that wasn’t as long as I thought

Yesterday was a beautiful day for another long run. The sun was out, very little wind and it was just below the zero mark. So I put the chicken into the oven for supper and put on the runners to pound some ground while it cooked. Nothing better than getting two things done at once. I use the MayMyRun program on the computer to map out my routes around my house so that I don’t have to wonder every time if I am going long enough. Well yesterday the route I did was not the 10 + kms like I thought it was, I should have added another “block” but anyway I finished 8.24 kms in 1:06 with 4 x 1 intervals. My knees started to bug me some at about 7 kms but I just shortened my intervals and walked when needed. It probably didn’t help that I ran 3/4 of the route on snow covered gravel roads (have I mentioned it before that I hate running on gravel).
For the last 1.5 kms I thought I would experiment with my stride length, which at a height of 5″2 they tend to be pretty short. I wanted to see if it made a difference and it did, with the longer strides my knees did not bother me as much. It probably had something to do with the impact being more on the heal than on the bottom of the foot. Thanks Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans for responding to my question of whether or not stride length really mattered. It seems in my case it does. This week I am really going to focus on opening up my strides.
Two other things I have to get out and purchase this week, one is a new running bra, two is some running socks.
I cannot believe how much the crosstraining on the elliptical is helping regarding cardio strength. I don’t feel like I am going to die when out running and it is my legs that need to build up again. I am feeling really good about running this time, it does not seem to be as much of a chore as it has before. This may be a common theme for this weight loss and exercise journey I am on which makes be believe this time it is a lifestyle change and not just about a goal.
Here is to another great week!

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It’s chilly out there

Well got a run in today. According to Map My Run, it was 4.4 km in 33:41 doing 4 x 1 intervals (6 and a half intervals). Not too bad. It was -11 C out but the sun was SHINING and not a stitch of wind. I just wore my lined pants, a t-shirt, fleece and light jacket and a toque and was toasty warm. It felt GREAT to get outside. However oh how I hate running on gravel, even when packed with snow. For the long run on the weekend I think I will convince John to come and pick me up somewhere where I can run on pavement. My knees feel great, no pain, and my lungs feel good too, not like I was trying to catch every breath. The cross training on the elliptical is certainly helping in that department.
Check off Day 2 of Week 4 of the training schedule.

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Weigh-in #3

Well it has been a week since my last post. Weigh-in was down another 2 lbs for a total of 6 lbs for the challenge…whoo hoo. If I have said it once this week I have said it a hundred times, I am feeling GREAT. I can SEE the changes in my body, I can FEEL the changes in my body, and I am LOVING the changes in my body. For the first time ever with trying to loose weight (I went to university and had two kids, so I have tried many times to loose weight) that I have not been stressed about counting calories, tracking what I eat, logging everything, buying low fat or obsessively eating salads. It was a conscious decision this time to just eat good food, buy quality and make meals rather than prepackaged items. I watch portion sizes, eat regularly (three meals and two snacks daily), and drink LOTS of water. My family is on board with our new healthy lifestyle, the kids get balanced, healthy lunches (which do include a homemade cookies). They see me using the elliptical, going for a run, doing my fab-abs workouts and they know that “we are getting strong and healthy” NOT losing weight. You know it is starting to sink in when your 4 year old looks at your dinner of roast, carrots & baked potatoes and says “yummy Mommy, we are making healthy food choices – did you see me grow stronger after that bite”; or when your 7 year old says “hmmm, I love this, can I have homemade pancakes in my lunch for school”.

I did not get out and pound as much ground as I wanted last week, however the elliptical has been my friend. It is nice to have a backup plan and the opportunity to get in the exercise after dark. I live in a rural area with no street lights so running after dark is not an option for me unless I drive 15 minutes to the next town. I am not going to stress over this either as I am continuing to move forward and doing great. I am on 4 x 1’s this week. I keep these intervals on the elliptical too, trying to go faster on the “run” times. It is working well.

Keep up the great work…. Don’t Quit, Commit 🙂

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Weigh-in #2

Weigh-in day number 2 and down another pound this week for a total of 4 for the challenge…yeah me!! That is a total of 13 lbs in total so far.
My legs were really sore on Monday and Tuesday from the long run on Sunday, but back at it again today with the elliptical, fab-abs and stretching. Out tomorrow at lunch for a road run to see how the knees hold up.
I am feeling great and feeling a big difference in my body, clothes are not tight and look better. We have been using our Vitamix a pile this year so far. It is proving to be a great investment. I load it up with greens and veggies, sweeten with a little fruit and everyone in the family gobbles them up. Easy way to make sure the kids are getting their fruits and veggies. They don’t even question the amount of greens that I put in.
Challenge for this week is to increase activity and push myself to get outside and pound some ground.

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Long run day

Oh my goodness, just read my letter to me and either my 2014 me was very ambitious in 2013 or she forgot to proof read her letter. I really don’t think it is my intent to run three half marathons on one summer (holy cow). I want to run one of those three 🙂

Today was long run day on the schedule. 10 Kms using 2 x 1 intervals. At about 8.5 Kms my left knee started to pain so I walked the final bit. It took about 4 Kms to get the negative thoughts out of my head and realize that I am strong and can do this. No shin splints (cross training on the elliptical is helping) and a lot less jiggle around the mid section thanks to the January fab-abs challenge and the loss of 12 lbs. I did the 10 km in 90 minutes.

It felt great to be outside in just a light sweater. Living in SW Ontario we usually have snow this time of year, however today it was about +8 degrees and all the snow has melted over the last couple of days.

A big thanks to my husband who gave the push to get out the door today. He came home and said “get your gear on and get out the door before it starts to rain again”. My goal is to never say no when these opportunities and encouragements come my way.

I have one day to make up on the fab abs schedule so will get that in this afternoon 🙂 and I will be up to date with the training schedules.
Here is to another great week towards a strong and healthy me.

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Day 9

It has been a couple of days since my last update (oh that sounded like I should be going to church). Today is weigh in #1 and I am down 3 lbs (insert cheer here). That means a total of 12 lbs total since I started the quest last November (3 lbs for the New Years Challenge). Which means my first goal of 2013 (lose 3 lbs by end of the month) has been ACHEIVED!!!

Our challenge this week was to write a letter to ourselves from 2014… like the Brad Paisley song, If I Could Write A Letter To Me (or something along that line). I have written this over and over in my head, but putting it onto paper is a little more daunting, because of that negative voice saying “well what if you don’t reach these goals”. I guess that is the real challenge 🙂 So here it goes….

Dear Margo,
2013 was another awesome year! You worked hard and you and your family have shined through this year. Your health is improved, your activity levels have improved and most importantly of all your family is happy and healthy! Congratulations on your first (May), second (July) and third (September) half-marathons this year. This is a wonderful acheivement and your body feels great after all that hard work. Your family is awesome, John and the kids have been with you through all of this and have been a constant source of encouragement and I know that you are as proud of them as they are of you. You have surrounded yourself with positive, wonderful people. You have always known that your family is wonderful, and your relationships with them continue to grow stronger, now if you could just work on living closer to them that would be even awesomer 🙂 Your support groups have continued to grow, it is amazing that you have not met many of these people in person, yet you feel like you have known them forever, and you know that you can count on them for the encouragement and support you need, these are true friendships. There was some ups and downs in 2013 however even with a few steps backwards, we are much further ahead in 2014.
Keep up the great work. Believe in yourself. Love your family. Smile and know that you are a wonderful person.

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