Weigh In Day #6

It’s hard to believe that six weeks has gone by already. Weigh in today has me down another 1.5 lbs this week for a total of 8.5lbs for this challenge. Slow and steady is the name of this game. I am really noticing the change in my shape these last couple of weeks. My clothes must have been really tight before. I haven’t bought anything new except for the workout clothes, but my clothes FEEL so much better, and there are a few pairs of pants that are in the donation bin as they are NOT flattering any more. Total weight loss since I began is 16.5 lbs, almost the 20 that I have been trying to lose for the last four years.

Yesterday’s last chance workout ended up being 45 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of monthly challenge exercises. My husband called for me to join him at the local restaurant for lunch, however instead I packed up some left overs, a homemade granola bar and a couple bottles of water and brought them over to the barn (where he works) and we had lunch together over there. Not only did we get to spend a little quality time together and I got outside these four walls, but we had a healthy homemade lunch with it. Saved us about $35 and ALOT of unwanted/unneeded calories and fat. So my plans changed and I did an at home workout instead of outside – which was an alternate substitue on the training schedule today.

My little guy is quite a little character. Last night I was on the elliptical and was very warm and sweaty so I took off my t-shirt and was just working out in my short and sports-bra (not a pretty picture I know, however I was HOT, and the picture is not nearly as bad as it was 15.5 lbs ago).
He comes over and says “Mom, why are you wearing just your bra and showing your belly?” Sidenote: my little guy has an aversion to women showing their bellies, these are private parts in his mind.
I explained “Mommy is very warm from working out and I just took off my shirt, don’t worry, the bra is like a shirt and makes sure my private parts are covered.”
He says “OK, but what if the neighbors come over to visit?”
I say “Then I will put on my shirt so noone will see”.
He says “OK, so how much longer to do you think you are going to be exercising with no shirt.”
I got the hint and finished up my workout and put my shirt back on. He is such a funny little guy, I love him.

Today on the schedule is 10 Easy Kms… there is that word EASY again. Someday 10K may be easy. I am going to try lacing my runners differently today to see if that helps with the blisters on my feet. It may be because I need more room in the toe box of the shoe. Nothing to lose but lots to gain if this works. It’s funny I have never given much thought to my feet being wide, as I have pretty small feet (just a size 7), however I did a little watching yesterday as I walked barefeet and when I put my weight on the front of my foot, like I would when I was running, it really spreads out. So going to give this a whirl.

It is another great weigh-in day. Goal for this week – STICK TO TRAINING SCHEDULE – only 12 weeks left until the Half.


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