Running List and Drills

I trained with a running group a couple of years ago for the Rock the Road 10K…Thank You Lululemon and Runners Feed for this incredible training program. It was a group made up of wonderful individuals that pushed me beyond my limits. I signed up for the race, then started training, so I was very much a BEGINNER. It was advertised for Beginners to Expert Runners, so I showed up on day one with my running stroller and almost 2 yr old to begin training. I never felt so welcomed into a group of runners and every time someone passed me I thought “I will run like that someday” as I could barely run 1 minute at a time. One of the organizers even chatted with the little guy as I participated in running drills. The little guy is somewhat of a charmer so I think it was love at first site for her. So after 10 weeks of training, I was able to run the 10k however was not able to participate in the race as my holidays fell at the same time….Yes, seeing my family ALWAYS comes before running šŸ™‚ As I did not want to let up on my training and still wanted to run the course, I asked the organizer if I could run the route on one of our Sunday runs and have him time me. Not only did he agree, he had the rest of the running group run the route backwards so that I met cheering squads on my route, there was a water station set up half way through the race, and at the end two of the participants of the group met me and ran across the finish line with me….one hour and fifteen minutes it took me to run that 10K (yeah, I am not very speedy). It was the most amazing experience and I will never forget the kindness and the encouragement I received from this group… Thank You Brandon Laan and the group at Runners Feed & Lululemon! Make sure to check out as they have WONDERFUL training video, information and all things running.
I had planned to run the race again last year, however had to go out of town for work on that same weekend, then I had planned to run it again this year (since I will have already trained for the half) however my sister is getting married on that same weekend….and family ALWAYS comes before running šŸ™‚ So I will run the virtual 10K and think about this great group of people and thank them for the training tips that I use in my running today!

Yesterday I went out for my training run, I did 6.5 kms then some drills (so basically I combined yesterdays run with some of the day before’s training exercices). I did:
4 x 200m sprints
100 m high knees x 2
100 m butt kids x 2
100 m carioca drills (sideways left over right) x 2
Then I did lots of stretching.

I received my foam roller and Run Like a Mother & Train like a Mother books in the mail yesterday. The foam roller HURT however felt SO GOOD after. I think I found one of my favorite things. I am truly enjoying the Run Like a Mother book, I highly recommend it (

Last but not least my Running Playlist… I am a country girl all the way when it comes to mucic and very rarely listen to anything but…except when I am running. Who would have known that my running list would have Pink, Lady Gaga, Destiny’s Child, Natasha Bedingfield, K’naan, Bon Jovi, Carly Rae Jepsen, Fergie, Katy Perry, KeSha, Kelly Clarkson & LMFAO. It makes for quite a mix when you add a little country in there too. Thanks to the comments on Shrinking Jeans for the inspiration to add to my running list, there are songs I WOULD NEVER have thought of but they certainly put a skip in my step. Can’t wait to try out the updated list on Friday.

Today is Valentine’s day and my day off. We are going to do a family activity tonight when the kids get home, hopefully a hike in the park as the weather is cooperating, then off to Boston Pizza for a treat šŸ™‚
Happy Valentines Day!! I am truly blessed!


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