Longest run ever

My long run this weekend (Saturday) was exactly that, my longest run ever..12kms. It took just over an hour and a half. It was a long run on the newly snow covered, recently graded, slippery back roads. The three kms that I did non pavements and a slight down hill felt like I was flying, it was awesome. I did the full 12 km with 6 x 1 run/walk intervals. When I was done I did lots of stretching which I believed helped greatly in the soreness department over the weekend. I couldn’t imagine what they would have been like without stretching and massages. The bottom half of my legs were much worse than the top as with the road conditions the muscles had to work alot harder than they usually do.

I tried lacing my runners differently over the last week and WHAT A DIFFERENCE it makes!! NO BLISTERS at all after my run which is the first long run in “years” that I have not had blisters. Who would have known that these little feet just needed more room when I was running..no me. But they felt so much better. Thank you to Ang J at another mother runner for the tip. Now to try out my newer runners this way.

I also realized that I need to bring some water and perhaps a little snack on my long runs now. I was pretty sluggish by the end of the run on Saturday. So I am going to check out a hydration belt and some Nuun tablets this weekend. I think I will make my own snacks rather than purchasing the “energy style bars” that you get at the sports store. I am sure that I can make something that will work just as well, with lots less ingredients that i can pronounce.

This weekend was a great weekend with the family, and for the most part was OK foodwise however I did slack quite a bit with eating chips (Note to self: DO NOT BUY CHIPS YOU WILL EAT THEM) and I did not drink as much water as I normally do, and boy did I feel it. We went to the museum yesterday (Family Day here in ON), it was a fabulous day, but I did not have my usually water bottle with me (forgot it in the car) and by the time I got to the car for the drive home I was chugging water like I was dying of thirst. Last night I made some cookies and cinnamon rolls for the kids lunches and of course had to sample. Nothing I love better than fresh out of the oven baking, so I had to taste some, then immediately put them into the freezer where I won’t touch them. I seem to have more willpower when things are in the freezer and not on the counter.

So today is 11.5 kms on the schedule, I am not sure how I am going to get this in as it is drizzling rain outside, very close to the freezing mark (really hard to believe that the busses still ran this morning), and the roads are VERY SLIPPERY!! I don’t have a treadmill so days like today when there is supposed to be a long run are harder to figure out what I am going to do. It might be a LONG HAUL on the elliptical tonight, but I won’t make 7 miles on the elliptical, that would be brutal! I will attempt to get out at lunch, hopefully the rain will go away, if not, I will do cross training then try again tomorrow.

I am thankful that each day is a new day and there is another chance to make the choices and build on my healthy lifestyle. A bag of chips and cookies isn’t going to stop me:)


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