February – A SUCCESS in so many ways!

Wow, it’s amazing that February had come and gone. Although I yoyoed all month I ended the month the same as what I started. The end of February also means the end of the eight week weight loss challenge with the Shrinking Jeans team. The following are my original goals:

How am I going to do this:
1. sign up for fitness challenge and surround myself with positive influences – one check mark on the goal list completed and it’s only day two of the year WHOO HOO! ACHEIVED
2. Eight week fitness challenge goal – to lose 7 lbs, total goal for 2013 is 17 lbs – this may have to be re-evaluated as muscle weighs more than fat therefore if I feel I get to where I want to be, it might not mean a 17 lb loss. TOTAL OF 7 LBS LOST – ACHEIVED.
3. I am going to prepare and eat healthy food (daily goal – three meals a day with two healthy snacks, drink at least 2 L of water). Remember each day is a new day, no need to stay off the wagon if I fall off one day. ACHEIVED
3. Have a fitness plan and complete the challenges daily – I have these printed out so I know what I need to do daily. Remember each day is a new day, no need to stay off the wagon if I fall off one day…. seeing a theme here. FOR THE MOST PART I STAYED TO THIS SCHEDULE, I HAVE RAN OR EXERCISED REGULARLY – KEEP THIS UP
4. Short term goals: for January to Run 5 K, February 7.5K, March 10K, April 15K, May 21.5K – this is part of my training, however it is great to see those check marks on goals that have been ACHIEVED. JANUARY AND FEBRUARY GOALS ACHIEVED
5. Evaluate these goals as they are reached and build on them to make this a way of life and not just goals WAY TO GO ME!!! KEEP GOING YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!

Beginning Scale Final Scale

I did up my goal to lose an additional 5 lbs in February because I did so well in January, however this goal I did not achieve, so I have moved this to March.

However there are lots of other great accomplishments for this month:
1. I fit into a pair of jeans that I couldn’t even button up (like two inches off) when I started this journey.
2. I am running and exercising regularly.
3. We are eating better than I ever have.
4. My whole family is involved with our healthy living. My husband had joined me in exercising regularly 🙂

My goals for March are:
1. I signed up for a Run Every Day Challenge – I have to run or walk at least 1 mile every day. My committment is to get in at least 1 mile, and if this means up and down my driveway or around my yard this is what I will do.
2. Keep up with my running schedule.
3. I want to work on my upper body strength this month so I am going to do the Shrinkingjeans.net Spooktacular October Upper Body daily challenge. I love these little daily challenges because I can fit them in almost any time during the day.
4. my end weight goal for this month is 145 lbs. That is just a little over a lb a week and I will be extremely happy with this.
5. keep up with my blogging:)

Thank you very much to all those who have made comments on my blog, your encouragement and thoughts mean the world.
Thank you to my partner Andrea who is kicking butt on her journey to a healthier lifestyle!
Thank you to my facebook friends whose posts, stories, thoughts, suggestions and encouragement inspire me every day.
Thank you to my family and friends (near and far) who are constant in their support to my becoming a healthier person.
Thank you to my friend who has joined me in this journey. We will do awesome!!
Thank you to Shrinking Jeans and Another Mother Runner and every person who shares, blogs, writes, inspires and comments.

There are really no words to describe the level of support that I have received from all of the above. Each post, comment, kind word, story, “way to go” that have been shared has meant the world and has kept me going.

Thank you to ME for making the committement and the changes to become a healthier, happy, stonger person!


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