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Fastest time ever

I am still on my running high from last nights run. On the schedule was 6 miles (10Km). I was almost dreading it, but the kids asked to go to the park, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to go for a run and my husband would pick me up on the way to the park. I love this because I can just start to run and not have to double back at any time. So out I went, and 1 hour and 3 minutes later I finished my 10 km…. 1:02:40 to be exact! HOLY CRAP that was my fastest time ever for 10k. The route I took was the one I ran for most of my training for my first 10k. The fastest I ever completed that route was 1:16 (my 10K race time was 1:15). That is knocking 12 minutes off my time. I still cannot believe it. My knee bothered me for the first 4 kms but after I warmed up and got into a rythme it settled down and today it isn’t sore at all. I had 1.2 kms left to go when my husband arrived to meet me, I told him to go up the road and I would be there in 5 minutes. I was so close and I really wanted to see that 10 km on the GPS. The last song that played on my play list was Destiny’s Child – Survivor, it couldn’t have been more appropriate. I had 100 meters left to go where my husband was parked and I finished the distance before jumping into the van to go for the playdate (and stretching) at the park with the kids. It was a great night.

Today is also weigh-in day. I have been bouncing around the last few weeks with all of the travel, I am at 148.50. This is down 17 from November and 9 from Jan 1st. I am back on track with water consumption, sleep, eating and exercising so I am hoping for a big number this week (or at least a couple of pounds). Zumba is tonight so it will be a great time as always.

I went to book for the Women’s Half in Niagara Falls, heck I should have just went to the Maritimes for the price it is going to cost me to run that race. So I am going to run the race on my own on May 28th, my husband is going to time me, and I am going to run the Exeter-Lucan run on July 1st. This was the second choice on my 2013 Half schedule, so I am still OK with doing this. I am disappointed that I won’t run an actual race on the 28th but saving $500 is more important to us right now. This is one of those times when you just have to be realistic. I looked for a local race for the same time period but there is nothing scheduled for a Half, so I am going to make up my own 🙂 For my run I will be sporting a BadAss Mother Runner cap thanks to So excited 🙂

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Time flies

My goodness time goes by fast. The last two weeks have flown by. I had to go out of town for work last week. It was tough to try and stay on schedule. I was able to get workouts in two of the four days I was there. I made good eating choices and kept up my water drinking, however it was not like being at home. I was disappointed that I didn’t get in all of my workouts, however I received some very sound advice from some friends “it is OK to use a hall pass” and “don’t worry about making up the miles just keep moving forward”. Thanks Michelle and Amanda! It took all weekend to get me back on track with my sleep. Between super crazy long hour days while I was away, the time zone change and taking the red eye home on Friday night, my body was messed up. However I got two good nights sleep, ate breakfast as usual this morning and am back on track. Yeah!

A couple of things that I learned while I was away:
1. always bring healthy snacks and a water bottle. I did this and it was my life saver on this trip. I could fill the water bottle up at the office and bring it back to the hotel, and in meeting it beats trying to fill up those little glasses that they give you.
2. try to eat as close to your normal diet as possible. I really tried to do this while I was away, however there was a noticable decrease in fruits and veggies. The night I did order a chicken and avocado salad I was up all night being sick. Not exactly the way you want to start off a business trip. Note to self: DO NOT EAT AVOCADO!! Avocado has been one of the foods on my “test” list that triggers my stomach problems, this trip confirmed it.
3. I ran for the first “real” time on the treadmill while I was away. A couple of things that I noticed: when I run outside I must change speeds an awful lot :), it was neat to see that the speed that my strides felt really comfortable at on the treadmill was 6.5 miles an hour (mind you I COULD NOT keep that speed). I liked the stable footing of the treadmill. I run on gravel most of the time so it was a nice change on the treadmill. However I did miss the outdoors when I was running.
4. I have some awesome music to run to 🙂
5. I am buying myself some new runners this week 🙂

All in all it was a good week away, however I am so happy to be home and back into my regular routine. Weigh-in is on Wednesday so for the next two days I am going to stick with the routine and get back on track.

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Could not have said it better myself

I read this post on the Shrinking Jean today and so many things clicked with me.
1. think of food as fuel
2. do what works for you
3. each persons eating plan will be just that “individual”
4. pick exercises that you enjoy
5. I love her comment “there is no one fits all approach to food or fitness”

I truly enjoy when someone else challenges me, for instance joining the “lose 4% in 28 days”, or do 30 minutes of exercise per day. I do so much better when someone else gives me the challenge and I don’t make it up myself. Not sure why this is, perhaps it is the “team” approach that I like.

Thank you to all those who provide me with challenges to keep moving forward!

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Day One – Spring Clean Challenge

I like the name Spring Clean Challenge better than Diet Bet so that I what I am going to call this for the next four weeks (you can find more information on this challenge at the Shrinking Jean Website). So when I weighed in yesterday, took pictures and submitted my information to the challenge I was 151. I was 150.5 in the first picture, however I forgot to put the word Oregano next to the scale and had already ate breakfast before I entered the information so had to go back up to the scale and retake the picture. However this morning on regular weigh in day I am at 148.5. I am going to work from the 148.5 to lose the 4%, so I will have to lose 6 lbs to claim my share of the pot.

The Shrinking Jeans is also going to post a weekly challenge, this week is to drink water. This will not be a problem for me as I am up to 3-4 litres a day of water. More if I drink coffee in the morning. I CRAVE water and carry it everywhere I go. It is probably why I dropped so much weight in the last two days as I was off my schedule on the weekend and was making up for lost time with the water consumption and green smoothies (TMI I know). However they are right, the body will cleanse itself, and I feel so much better when I drink my water. I also have to run up the stairs to get to the bathroom so its a little extra exercise during my day.

I have also cut out pop a while back, which is awesome because I was up to 3-4 cans of pop a day. Talk about filling your body with CRAP, that was distroying my insides, which is probably why I have digestive problems now. Every now and then I want a diet pepsi however I can’t even drink them now they turn my stomach upside down with a few gulps. We also drink very little alcohol, on the rare occasion so cutting that out is not really a big issue either. I would love a glass of wine every now and then, but because I don’t keep a stash at the home there is less temptation to go out and buy it just to have a glass by myself. So I am going to challenge myself to cut back on the amount of coffee I drink. I am only going to drink a cup in the morning then will stick to water throughout the rest of the day.

Now to work on Spring Cleaning my house, that is probably going to be harder than losing the 6 lbs 🙂

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DietBet sign-up

Today I signed up for the DietBet challenge through the Shrinking Jeans site. The goal is to lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days. You donate $25 and at the end everyone that reaches their goal gets a piece of the pot. Why not, another challenge to keep me focused. I have a total of 6.5 lbs to lose. I do so much better when there is a challenge 🙂

Weather here has been crappy so getting outside has been a challenge. This past weekend we spent 3/4 of the time in a vehicle as John and I had to go to a cattle sale for work. It was an awesome weekend just hard on the system when you are used to drinking water all the time (not so easy to do when you depend on highway rest stops for washrooms), and no time to get in any exercise or even stretches. We did eat well while we were away which I am very happy about with the exception of WAY TOO much coffee, which lead to the feeling of dehydration. I was so happy to get home on Sunday and made a great big green smoothie for everyone and chugged a couple litres of water.

Back on the elliptical last night, boy did it feel good. It is not raining here today so I am planning to get outside for a run. I had planned to go out yesterday even in the rain, however it started to rain really hard and just was not up to getting soaked right through (still have to purchase some running rain gear). I think I will seriously consider getting a treadmill this year. We are also thinking of getting a bike trainer. I think that is what they are called, the things that attach to a regular bike to make it stationary. We purchased new bikes last year for the family and really want to put them to good use this year.

Well let the challenge begin and say goodbye to 6.5 lbs.

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Weigh In Wednesday

Although the official challenge is over, I along with some dear friends and my husband, are still continuing with the weigh in Wednesdays. This week was a good week, probably because my weekend consisted of liquids and very limited food, thanks to the flu bug. However I was down 2.5lbs which makes a total of 9.5 for 2013 and 17.5 since November. I am hoping to build on this and not let those 2.5 lbs sneak back on this week.

As I have said over and over again I NEED to get back on the running wagon in a serious way. There is no way I will make the 21.1 kms without getting serious about my training. I will not give into my negative thoughts on this and give up on this goal. I WILL NOT. I am doing great things for my body and my health so I will also give myself a pat on the back and move forward, I have not stopped running, I have not stopped eating well, I continue to move forward…So I will not feel guilty.

I have signed up for Zumba on Wednesday nights…yeah I can’t wait to start back again. I so enjoyed the last session, much to my own surprise. It is a fabulous workout and I always left feeling great about myself. Even though I have not been running as regular, I have still continued to have regular date nights with Mr. Elliptical and completing my daily challenges.

So good bye negative thoughts and HELLO to being healthy and moving forward!

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Flu bug

Good morning,
The last few days have been awful, the flu bug hit here last week with my son being sick two days which meant two very long nights for me washing bedding, scrubbing walls, floors and every other surface that was splattered on. Then on Friday night, just after my date with Mr. Elliptical I was hit by a Mack truck then trampled by a herd of elephants. It hit me just as fast as that too. I was feeling fine up until that point. We had gone out to do some shopping, then came home and my husband and I both got in our workouts. I did the mile for the “March Mile Challenge”, where I have to put in a mile every day for March, then my daily ab and arms challenges. I was feeling tired but nothing unusual after a work out. Then when I hit the shower holy smokes…. NOT GOOD.
Friday night and Saturday were a complete write-off. Thank goodness my husband was home and my kids played AWESOME together on Saturday because I slept 97% of Saturday (after being up 97% of Friday night being ill). I HURT all over. My joints ACHED, my head felt like it was going to explode, and my stomach wanted nothing to do with anything. Sunday was a bit better, everything still ached but at least my head didn’t hurt. I tried to go out for a little in the afternoon but that was very short lived and I made everyone come back home where I could lay down again.
Today I seem to be back to normal for the most part, however my body feels like I have just run a marathon (or what I would imagine marathoners feel like after their race). My hips, knees and feet still ache but I can live with that.
Needless to say the I didn’t get in my workouts over the last two days. My training for the half has been thrown way off the last two weeks. So hopefully I can get it back on track. I plan to run a 5 k next Saturday (16th) for St. Paddy’s Day, and am really hoping to RACE it. I have never ran a race to actually race it before, my general motto is to finish doing the best I can. This may be challenging to race as I will probably be pushing my two kids (50 lbs a piece) in the double running stroller. Nothing like a little challenge. At least it will be on pavement and not dirt roads.
What I need to do is get in some longer runs this week to make up some of the missed miles however I don’t think that will work, so I am planning to get in lots of shorter (5kish) runs to get back into the swing of things then build up again. I have lots of traveling this month so need to squeeze in runs where I can.
Here is to a great MARCH!

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