Time flies

My goodness time goes by fast. The last two weeks have flown by. I had to go out of town for work last week. It was tough to try and stay on schedule. I was able to get workouts in two of the four days I was there. I made good eating choices and kept up my water drinking, however it was not like being at home. I was disappointed that I didn’t get in all of my workouts, however I received some very sound advice from some friends “it is OK to use a hall pass” and “don’t worry about making up the miles just keep moving forward”. Thanks Michelle and Amanda! It took all weekend to get me back on track with my sleep. Between super crazy long hour days while I was away, the time zone change and taking the red eye home on Friday night, my body was messed up. However I got two good nights sleep, ate breakfast as usual this morning and am back on track. Yeah!

A couple of things that I learned while I was away:
1. always bring healthy snacks and a water bottle. I did this and it was my life saver on this trip. I could fill the water bottle up at the office and bring it back to the hotel, and in meeting it beats trying to fill up those little glasses that they give you.
2. try to eat as close to your normal diet as possible. I really tried to do this while I was away, however there was a noticable decrease in fruits and veggies. The night I did order a chicken and avocado salad I was up all night being sick. Not exactly the way you want to start off a business trip. Note to self: DO NOT EAT AVOCADO!! Avocado has been one of the foods on my “test” list that triggers my stomach problems, this trip confirmed it.
3. I ran for the first “real” time on the treadmill while I was away. A couple of things that I noticed: when I run outside I must change speeds an awful lot :), it was neat to see that the speed that my strides felt really comfortable at on the treadmill was 6.5 miles an hour (mind you I COULD NOT keep that speed). I liked the stable footing of the treadmill. I run on gravel most of the time so it was a nice change on the treadmill. However I did miss the outdoors when I was running.
4. I have some awesome music to run to 🙂
5. I am buying myself some new runners this week 🙂

All in all it was a good week away, however I am so happy to be home and back into my regular routine. Weigh-in is on Wednesday so for the next two days I am going to stick with the routine and get back on track.


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