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Softball – Yeah!!

Yesterday was my first day playing softball in about 8 years. It was awesome! Thankfully I am somewhat in shape to be able to jump back into the running, stretching and twisting that softball entails. My legs and right shoulder are pretty sore today, but a good sore. I loved having John and the kids there to watch. Austin was a great cheerleader. I now know what Mom must have felt like bringing us to all of her games, watching us climb the bleachers, play at the part and run after the foul balls. It was awesome. From those who were able to make the practice yesterday it looks like we are going to have a great team that will be lots of fun to play with.

This past weekend was also a very expensive one, wow sporting gear is expensive. Three pairs of cleats, two pairs of shin pads, a pair of running shoes, socks, camping gear for Emily and new clothes for the kids. Thank goodness for a tax refund and we did not have to worry about where the funds were going to come from. We are now ready for the summer 🙂

Going to take the new runners out for a spin tonight while Emily is at Brownies, from the walking I did in them the last couple of days they feel great! It makes sense to go to a specialty running store to get properly fitted for running shoes. Hopefully they will feel better than the last couple of pairs that I bought. My goal for the next two weeks is to stay on track for running so that I am ready for the 15 km on the 12th. The cross training will be on my bike as the elliptical is still in storage, however I will not complain about being able to get some fresh air.

Cheers to the summer season beginning!

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Getting Active Again

It has been another crazy week and I have to say that I am really glad it is Friday today. We have been on the run with everyday life stuff over the last week but it just seemed like we were in slow motion. We do not have anything planned for the weekend, with the exception of a ball practice on Sunday, so it will be just a running around and relaxing type of weekend.

I got a call this week to start playing ladies softball again. Yeah! I am very excited. It has been eight years since I last played ball and I am so looking forward to getting back into it. I also realized this week that my mother was the same age as I am now when I started playing softball on her ball team when I was 15. Talk about going full circle. So this weekend we are out to get some cleats, socks and a red shirt (the color for our team).

The kids are going to play soccer and baseball this summer. There is a league that offers both by alternating the sports weekly, so we are going to try that out this summer for them. Hopefully they will enjoy it better than they have in the past. I think they may be at an age now that they will.

Running is still going but slowly, I have not been getting out as much as I would like, and my long runs are still averaging the 12 km distance. I am out to buy new running shoes also this weekend as my other ones I cannot use anymore. Every time I go for a run I come back with blisters regardless of the pair I wear. So off to the Running Room I go this weekend to get a pair that will work. I am not putting it off any more.

Eating is back on track thank goodness and I feel so much better. This week has been one with some regularity to my diet and drinking lots of water again. Now just to be able to get some quality sleep. One day I am sure I will be able to sleep through the night again.

Here is to another great week.

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Times are busy

It’s been nine days since my last post, so much for keeping up with the blogging. I didn’t even weigh in this week. The last two weeks have been crazy busy. First we were getting ready to go to the banquet so it was shopping for a dress and getting things organized to go. Then on the Friday morning we woke up to a power outage that caused our sump pump to stop, which in turn caused our basement to flood. So last weekend was filled with moving furniture and cleaning up water. The past week was spent trying to live and work with a temporary office and living room and trying to get the basement dried out. It is amazing how much you depend on the organization of things once you have them set up the way you want them.

Well we found out today that we lost the battle against the flood. We had professionals in and there is still water in the basement despite our efforts all week. They have to pull up all of the floor, which means we have to move the entire contents of our basement this week (family room, office, playroom, bed room and storage room) out of the basement. It will take approximately a month to get things back to normal again.

Step #1: tv is set up in our kitchen/sitting area 🙂
Step #2: move office upstairs
Step #3: pack and move everything else out
Step #4: get out the bikes and spend more time outside 🙂

We can breath a sigh of relief that we will be able to live in a mold free home. But it’s hard to stay on an exercise schedule with this much going on.

I have signed up for two races in the next little while though to help stay on track:
1. May 12th : 15Km
2. July 1st: Half marathon

The training will continue 🙂

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Diet Bet – didn’t quite make it

Today was the last weigh-in for the Diet Bet lose 4% in 28 days challenge. I didn’t make it. I have stayed relatively the same for the last month (just down a pound), losing and gaining the same three lbs each week it seems. This week I am going to focus on portion control and making good, healthy choices. Bringing it back to simple. I am still working out 4 times a week and drinking lots of water, so I am pretty sure this plateau is because of my body adjusting to my eating.

This week’s exercise has been indoors as we are under a severe rain warning, meaning it has been pouring rain for three days. I have been avoiding running in the rain because the weather has been so cold, however I am going to start taking on this challenge. From what I have been reading and advice I have been given, if the weather is warmer then you really don’t need any special gear other than a hat – and guess what, I have just the hat 🙂 Also I figure the rain may cool me off and I get wet from sweat anyway when I run so why not get a shower along with it. So if it is still raining tomorrow I am going to hit the road in the rain. I have Zumba tonight or I would do this today.

I had to buy a new dress this week and I have to say that I had a great time dress shopping. It was nice to be able to go into a store and have things fit with a shape. Now I am not saying that everything looked good, my body is not designed to wear some of those dresses on the market today no matter how shapely they are designed for, but at least I could put on a dress without bulging out of the sides and I had a great shape under the dress. I had to ask a few times for a smaller size which is always great. John said I was not allowed to buy anything unless I really loved it and felt super in it. Well I ended up picking a classic black dress with square neckline, it fit to a tee, like a glove, got some awesome pink/purple patent leather heals, jewellry and a clutch and I will be smokin’ hot on Friday 🙂 I felt fabulous with this outfit on! It is a great feeling.

As I mentioned before I am not getting hung up on what the scale is saying or stressing over it, as my clothes are fitting so much better, I am exercising, building muscle and becoming a healthier person. If more weight is meant to drop off it will with continued healthy eating and exercising. I am happy with my progress so far and will continue.

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Friday Status Update

Today is Friday and I am down one pound since Wednesday. Three more pounds to go to make the 4% for the Diet Bet. Not sure if I will get to this as this is 3 lbs in 5 days, however I will give it a whirl. I took yesterday off as my legs were really sore and I was super tired. Back on schedule for today tomorrow and Sunday.
Today: 3 -4 miles as 10min WU; I:8×1 min. in z4-5 w/2 min recovery; 10 min CD
Sat: 5 K or XT
Sun: LR 13 kms with 10 min strong finish
On Sunday I would really like to be able to post that this was all completed, so that is the plan for the next few days. Keeping it simple. A few days at a time. Focus on the short term goals and the long term goals will fall into place.

I also have to get out a buy a dress for a formal event that I will be attending next week. The dress that I was trying so hard to fit into has ended up being too big. Not a bad predicament to be in. The size of the dress was obviously larger than I thought it was. However the lesson in this is MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT. I wore this dress to a wedding when my son was 6 mths old, with shape wear, I must add, to help hold everything in place and it was FITTED. I weighed approximately the same as I do now, however with the exercising I am more toned and shaped now, and the dress is about two sizes to big, all over. Now I get to pick out a dress that I really want to wear… might have to get some new shoes too 🙂

It is supposed to be wonderful weather this weekend so I look forward to getting outside and sporting my new BADASS MOTHER RUNNER running cap. You can also get one at Another Mother Runner website.

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Weigh-in Wednesday

Like I mentioned before I have yoyoed all month and this week was no different, I am up a half lb from last week. However I have made a simple plan for this month, have ate well and exercised the last few days. This half pound will be gone by next week.

I went for my run last night. Started out but had to head back to go to the bathroom, so the first 2.5 kms were not included on the map my run tracking (grrr) as for some reason when I went to pause it there was not internet signal and it didn’t save. I started out again I ran a different loop not knowing what the official kms would be, so at the end of the loop I looked at the tracking and it was showing that I was at almost 9 kms at 54 minutes, I got to thinking that I could beat my 1.02:40 10km from the other day if i pushed a little bit. So with the blackberry in hand I pushed the last 1.2 kms and made it in just over 1:01. I was a little excited. It took a while for the blackberry to register the stop time so on the official site it shows that I was ahead by 20 seconds, but that I OK. My legs last night were like jelly. It hurt to climb the stairs, however it is a good hurt. After a hot shower, a date with Mr. Foam Roller, and some massaging they are not too bad today. I have Zumba tonight to help work them out again.

Lots of water drinking and good eating today 🙂

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Another Month = More Acheivements

So March was another month of yoyoing, I have not lost any actual weight from the beginning of the month but I have had lots of other accomplishments to note:
1. I fit into clothes that were tight without the love handles popping out over the top. This is probably the biggest thing I have noticed over the last month, things are tightening up, I have more of a shape, the curves are going in the right direction.
2. I had to purchase some new clothes for my meetings this month and bought a size medium – WOW!
3. Yesterday I ran 13.76 kms and felt great!!
4. March was a month of traveling and being outside of my regular routine and I did not go up which was a great thing.

So I am not going to dwell on the fact that I did not loose the three pounds that I had on my goal list for this month. I still have another week before the end of the Diet Bet challenge, so hopefully this week will be a great one and I will reach that goal. We have some travelling on Saturday but that will be easy to fit into the schedule this week.

I have not been very faithful with the blogging this month either, I am going to try to do better this month. I felt like I was trying to juggle too many “challenges” last month, yes I am one for challenges to keep me focused but I realized if there are too many I tend to drop all of them. So this month I am back to keeping it simple.
1. stay on track with the half marathon training – this is the exercise challenge this month. I will do the daily challenges as they fit in with this schedule. Running 4 times a week is an AWESOME goal and the schedule was designed that way for a reason – train/rest, train/rest. End weight for April = 142 (this means 6.5 lbs for April, 1.6 lbs/week).
2. drink water
3. make healthy food choices. Eat right! Food is Fuel!

Keeping it simple and focused.

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