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Back on track hopefully

After taking the last two weeks pretty easy, I am hoping that physio will give me the go ahead to play ball this week and return to running. My legs are feeling good, so I am pretty sure she will tell me that all is well again. Now to get back into training mode. I need to kick it up a few notches to catch up and get on a roll to finish the half on July 1st. It is only 6 weeks away – however I tend to work well under pressure. My sisters ran the half marathon in Halifax this weekend and did AWESOME!!! They got the speedy genes in the family so I have some work to do if I am going to try to keep up with them. We also have a plan to run a race together in September, so another great reason to keep up with the training.

I made a pretty big change in eating habits this week. I have decided to try and go gluten free. I started on Wednesday and so far have been doing well. After reading some of the symptoms of gluten intolerance, I wonder if this is what is causing me to be so tired ALL THE TIME and perhaps causing some of my stomach issues. I did have a test done for Celiac, that came back negative however from what I have read this does not mean that I do not have an intolerance of some sort. So I am going to give this a try. I realized that eliminating wheat from my diet is not really that challenging, I just have to pay very close attention, and it certainly promotes clean eating. I will be happy when we can start eating the veggies from our garden, this again will help considerably. I made one recipe this weekend for Chocolate Black Bean Brownies from the website Mennonite Girls Can Cook. They were AWESOME. No flour, no sugar, and DELICIOUS!!!! My kids ate them like they were going out of style!! I try not to make too many sweets because they are just too tempting, but this will definitely be a go-to recipe for me. Also the Bulk Barn will be a great friend for premixed flours like pancake mix and pizza dough.

Goals for this week: I really want to get back on track.
1. pick up the training schedule again.
2. drink water!!!
3. eat clean

Ok ladies, let’s play ball!!


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Mothers Day Post

I took a break from all things computer yesterday and spent the day with John and the kids. Part of the day was spent doing “regular” weekend stuff like groceries, shopping for a bday gift, etc; and the rest of the day was spent doing extra special things like snuggling with my kids, watching movies and just hanging out.
Because of my legs I didn’t run the 15K like I was supposed to, it was really cold yesterday morning so I really didn’t want to take the kids and make them stand cheering for people they didn’t know, so we opted to stay home. Due to this unexpected change in plans it meant that I received Tim Horton’s coffee and Danish in bed :), then we went out for lunch, and ordered in supper 🙂 Yes, a lot of eating out however it was great not to have to worry about any meals.

The kids were SUPER cute. Emily organized a family meeting with her, John and Austin to plan for the day to get everything all figured out. The original plan was to blindfold me to drive me to “the restaurant of my choice” for lunch. OMG so freaking cute she is.

I am so very blessed to have two healthy, strong, funny, independent, beautiful kids and a wonderful, loving, caring, supportive husband. I am also very lucky to be surrounded by MANY strong, beautiful, caring, women in my life – Mom, sisters, sister-in-law (and extended family on that side too), great friends, cousins, aunts. Being brought up in our family was a true blessing and we are fortunate as parents to have all these wonderful people in our children’s lives.

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Training is at a standstill

Training came to an abrupt halt on Tuesday night. Playing ball, trying to run from the batters box to first, I managed to pull both quad muscles and am out of commission for at least two weeks, which means no run for me this weekend. Good thing I didn’t spend all that money to go to the Maritimes to run the half, it would have been out of the cards as well. Think positive right. I went to physio yesterday because I knew it was more than just a mild pull of the muscles. This was instant, could not move, excruitating pain. By the time I got home from ball I was crying because it hurt to lift my foot off the ground. I can usually keep going through the pain, especially when playing a team sport, but it was a no go on Monday. I had to get a runner and sit out for the whole game.
So physio told me that there would be no running for a least a week and no ball for at least two. I have my legs taped with some pretty fancy K-Tape and have some excercises that I need to do. They are starting to feel better but I am very hesitant to try and exert them too much. I will probably have to wrap the legs when playing ball for a little while too. However another plus of going to physio, they are going to help me with my tight hips from running so I will benefit from more than addressing just the quads. Will probably have them look at my shoulder too.
REST, ICE, COMPRESSION & ELEVATION is the name of the game for this week.

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Fabulous weekend

It was a fabulous weekend. The weather was awesome! Emily had the opportunity to go to Brownie Camp, Austin had a birthday party to go to on Saturday, then yesterday we headed to a BBQ with the Mom/Baby group that Emily and I participated in when she was born. This was a group of mom’s that got together once a week with their newborns and talked about all the stuff new moms experience. There were nine of us and all nine, plus our first, second and third borns were all there. It was AWESOME. They are a terrific group of women, raising a great bunch of kids. There were a few dads there as well, which was great too.

Highlights of the weekend:
1. Emily went to Brownie Camp – she loved it!
2. John and I had the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with Austin, a very special day indeed.
3. Quality friendships that you develop will stay with you over the years. Such a wonderful visit with the group on Sunday.
4. The sun is shining!!
5. I got out for an earlier morning run on Saturday, it was great. Still breaking in those new shoes though.
6. 7 days until my 15K race.

Here is to a great week of training.

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Still the same yet so far ahead

April has come and gone and today is the first of May. I have stayed the same over the last month. I just re-read all of my posts from April, and am not going to post the same stuff again. we are moving forward and continuing on this healthy journey. You cannot change the past, just learn from it and move forward.
1. Starting weight for the month is 150.
2. got new running shoes and socks – need to break them in.
3. Starting slowpitch this month and coaching Austin’s tee-ball team.
4. it is going to be a busy month.

Goals for May
1. drink 3L water daily
2. run 15k race (scheduled for May 12th)
3. stay on track with training for Half Marathon. I have bumped the date for this race until July 1st so need to get back to regular training and pushing myself outside the comfort zone.

I have held my own for the past couple of months and now that the sun is shining later in the evening and weather is getting nicer, I want to get past this plateau and onto a new level.

April showers brings May flowers!

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