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Back in the game

I played ball the weekend of the 24th and it did not go so well. Pulled the muscles in both legs again and had to have a designated runner for the entire day. Thankfully we only played three games and for most of it I played catcher, alternating with another lady, so I didn’t have to run too much. I have been out on a few runs and things are looking good. We also got our elliptical back into the basement again which I realized yesterday that I really missed having it around. We are talking about a treadmill now to add to our exercise area, which I would love.

Gluten free, or should I say very limited gluten, is going well. There have been a couple of “opps, didn’t know that was gluten” days however for the most part it has been pretty easy and going very well. I have noticed a definite change in my tiredness, but there are still days when I could nap all day. However it is certainly getting better.

I have registered for another half marathon in November, signed up and paid, to give me another goal to work towards. I will also be registering for one for September, just waiting for my sister to confirm which one she wants to run. I feel very guilty or perhaps it is disappointed that I have not kept up my training like I should have over the last few months. I don’t like this feeling so I am going to work hard to get back on track. I also noticed a very big difference with the lack of water I am drinking, so that is back on track too.

I have gone up three lbs over the last two months and am sitting at 153 now. Not liking that the scale is going up, so need to get back into the swing of things now that my legs are starting to feel better. My goals for the month of June are:
1. to be down 5 lbs (148 by June 30th).
2. 30 minutes of activity per day
3. follow training schedule so that I am ready for the July 1st run.
4. drink water

Four weeks until run day 🙂


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