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So it is August 7th and I have hit the Roboot button because I completely fell off the wagon this last month and have to jump back on. To be completely honest, it has been more than a month but this last month has been really bad. With travel and stress from work and trying to manage home life as well, it has been a crazy month and the scale has moved in the wrong direction, and so has my body. I can feel the change of the few pounds that have crept back on. So August I have pressed the reboot button and am back on board with a few challenges that should help me. All of them are around the same goal, so it is not like I am trying to manage a bunch of challenges.

Challenge #1 – August: Run 100kms
Two friends and I have a running challenge for the month of August. We are going to run 100kms this month. I got out last night and completed my first 5 kms, so only 95 more to go. A couple of longer runs and I will be back on track of running 25-30 kms / week, which is my goal. I will have to keep this up on holidays. This will also help for preparing for Challenge #3.

Challenge #2 – Shrinking Jeans 6 week weight loss challenge
Today I joined the Shrinking Jeans weight loss challenge. I weighed in at 156.5 (grrr…how those lbs crept up). Kiss them extra lbs goodbye because I am going to get rid of those real quick. My goal for the 6 weeks is to be down 10 lbs. Regular exercise will help here and will reshape my body to where I want it to be, which is much more important to me at this point that the weight on the scale.

Challenge #3
I had originally planned to run a second half on September 8th. I have decided not to run that race as I have not been training and I don’t want to run another one half-assed. I am going to train like a BAMR (Bad Ass Mother Runner) and run the half on November 2nd. I have signed up for the race, and along with registration there is a free running clinic, so starting August 21st, every Wednesday night and Sunday morning, I will be joining a group of other ladies training to run this race. My goal is 2hrs30mins. This falls at a good time as ball season ends and this group will start up at the same time.

So as you can see I am just going to have to Shut Up + Run (borrowed that from one of the blogs I love to read). No excuses, just run.


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