Got it done

I got in the 3 miles today like it said on the schedule. And for the first time ever I ran in the dark by myself. It was a beautiful night out, no wind, full moon, great music and lots of fresh air. Today was crazy busy with work and I wasn’t able to get out before the kids got home from school, then there was supper and swimming. I didn’t want to alter the schedule so close to the start, so I told my husband that I was going out and I would be within yelling distance from our home. So off I went, flashlight in hand, very overdressed and ran all three miles within a half mile from my doorstep – out and back, out the other way and back. I may have mentioned before, I generally really dislike out and back routes, it gets kind of boring, however tonight it was so quiet outside, with the moonlight on the snow, everything looked so peaceful and the time seemed to go by very quickly. I wasn’t breaking any records for speed, but! Another happy face on the training schedule.

My legs were pretty sore today after yesterday’s run and then exercise class last night. The class I go to is pretty flexible and unstructured, however it is wonderful. Lots of great ladies and lots of laughs. After working from home, I truly appreciate the opportunities to get out and visit with others, the additional bonus is the exercise that goes along with it. Ladies take turns running the class and last night was circuits for legs and abs, what a workout. Loved it!

Tomorrow is cross training on the schedule, not sure what I am going to do yet. Either the elliptical or perhaps the Boot Camp working from the Shrinking Jeans website. Another one of the wonderful support groups/websites/blogs that I follow.

I have to say a big thank you to all of those who sent notes my way on the Strava site. I have to play around some more to figure out how to do this too. All these technical things to learn (blog, websites, social media). Although I consider myself technologically capable, and use a computer all day long, these new social sites take some getting used to. However they have also allowed me to surround myself with positive, motivating, encouraging, supportive and thoughtful people. Most of them I will never meet however each and every comment is a little blessing and I hope to be able to share some positive messages with others as well.

A big thanks to my hubby who is my positive, motivating and encouraging support at home. Although some times I think he thinks I am nuts wanting to run another (few) half marathon(s), he is always supportive along the way. I found a great love with him.

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