That wraps up my run today – FREAKING COLD! -14 degrees celsius but -24 with the wind and it was windy. It didn’t look like it was blowing from my nice sunny living room window, however when I got dressed and got to the end of the driveway, it was COLD. The wind was blowing across the fields and I decided to go the route where I would be most sheltered. Well that worked for the first half of the run, but not by much. My legs were cold the whole time. My muscles did not loosen up any. I was very thankful for my Buff as it went from a head warmer to a full on hoodie. I was wearing sunglasses too so I was pretty much fully covered but I was very happy that I only had 4 miles on the schedule today and I still didn’t finish the whole 4 miles.

Usually I don’t give up before I see the number on my watch however it was just too darn cold. I didn’t even stop to talk to my neighbor who was taking out his recycling. That never happens. I was never so glad to arrive home, take off all my wet clothing (it’s funny how you can still sweat like crazy when it is freezing out), take a hot shower, blow dry my hair and have a hot tea. I think I am finally back to the right temperature.

A big thank you to all of the wonderful people taking part in the Another Mother Runner Challenge and that are part of the Strava online group. What a fabulous group of people. They are so encouraging and they are the real reason I “got up and went” today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Another big thank you goes out to the ladies in my workout group on Monday and Wednesday nights. They are another fabulous group of ladies and really organize a great workout. I am certainly feeling muscles that needed to be worked out and I truly enjoy going.

Tomorrow is XT or another 2-3 easy miles. Depending on the forecast it may be a date with Mr. Elliptical, as it was just too freaking cold outside today.


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