It is still cold out there

Mother Nature still has not let up in our area.  We still have a pile of snow, our roads are still snow covered and it is hard to get my daily runs in.  Since my last post, I have had more dates with Mr. Elliptical than the roads, thank goodness the schedule is somewhat flexible. I have gotten in a few exercise classes which is great as they help me cross of the cross-training days on the schedule.

Last week there was three dr. appts with our little guy who broke his elbow a while back. So my lunch runs were out of the question, but I did manage to get in my long run on Saturday. It was bright, sunny, still cold, but there was no wind.  It was tough, the first half was on snow packed roads, which made my legs tire faster than I would have liked.  The second half was pretty clear on paved roads, well a little path down the center of the lane, thank goodness for little traffic. I ended up walking the last mile on the schedule because I just could not make my legs run that last mile on snow again.  They were just too tired.

Monday I tried to get in my 3 miles following our exercise class, but only got in 1.5 miles before I had to pick up my daughter.  I thought that it would be easier to run in town but their streets were just as snow covered, perhaps worse than at home because it was broken up, loose snow and was like running in the sand. So I tried again yesterday to get in the 5-6 miles. I went out close to dark with flashlights and a plan to run 1 mile out and back three times so that I would be close to home. However that lasted only 1.5 miles too because I could hear the coyote packs in the woods and I high-tailed it back home.

So I went out again this morning and finally got in 5 kms (3.11 miles). I finally broke the 40 minute mark.  The run was the first one on dry pavement since I started training.  It was COLD, – 24 degrees Celsius out there, but again no wind, so it was not too bad. I was dressed for the weather. However I noticed that running on the packed snow where you have to watch your every step has shortened my already short strides.  Tomorrow I think I am going to head to the track to get in the interval training, I really want to stretch out my legs.

This weather is really testing my ability to get out there. My legs are tired and are really tight  when I start out. However I keep reminding myself how much further ahead I will be when this snow is finally gone.  Milage is starting to get bigger, so the commitment will have to get to a bigger level as well. The goal is there, I just have to reach it.


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