Got it done

I got in the 3 miles today like it said on the schedule. And for the first time ever I ran in the dark by myself. It was a beautiful night out, no wind, full moon, great music and lots of fresh air. Today was crazy busy with work and I wasn’t able to get out before the kids got home from school, then there was supper and swimming. I didn’t want to alter the schedule so close to the start, so I told my husband that I was going out and I would be within yelling distance from our home. So off I went, flashlight in hand, very overdressed and ran all three miles within a half mile from my doorstep – out and back, out the other way and back. I may have mentioned before, I generally really dislike out and back routes, it gets kind of boring, however tonight it was so quiet outside, with the moonlight on the snow, everything looked so peaceful and the time seemed to go by very quickly. I wasn’t breaking any records for speed, but! Another happy face on the training schedule.

My legs were pretty sore today after yesterday’s run and then exercise class last night. The class I go to is pretty flexible and unstructured, however it is wonderful. Lots of great ladies and lots of laughs. After working from home, I truly appreciate the opportunities to get out and visit with others, the additional bonus is the exercise that goes along with it. Ladies take turns running the class and last night was circuits for legs and abs, what a workout. Loved it!

Tomorrow is cross training on the schedule, not sure what I am going to do yet. Either the elliptical or perhaps the Boot Camp working from the Shrinking Jeans website. Another one of the wonderful support groups/websites/blogs that I follow.

I have to say a big thank you to all of those who sent notes my way on the Strava site. I have to play around some more to figure out how to do this too. All these technical things to learn (blog, websites, social media). Although I consider myself technologically capable, and use a computer all day long, these new social sites take some getting used to. However they have also allowed me to surround myself with positive, motivating, encouraging, supportive and thoughtful people. Most of them I will never meet however each and every comment is a little blessing and I hope to be able to share some positive messages with others as well.

A big thanks to my hubby who is my positive, motivating and encouraging support at home. Although some times I think he thinks I am nuts wanting to run another (few) half marathon(s), he is always supportive along the way. I found a great love with him.


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Let the training begin

Today is start day for the AMR Strava Prove It Challenge through the Another Mother Runner Website. The goal is to run a half marathon on Mother’s Day. Seventeen weeks of training to PROVE I can do this again! I am also scheduled to run the Niagara Falls Women’s Half the first weekend in June, so I am going to use this training to get ready for this run as well so that I can really RUN it. My goal is 2:15. Lofty I know, that is knocking a full half hour off my time last July. I need a goal to work towards so this is it 🙂 Today’s training was an Easy 3 Miles….CHECK. I received the Forerunner 10 for Christmas and my first run on it was today. It was great to see RECORD RUN, FASTEST TIME. A little motivation. I like the fact that I am starting this challenge with fresh records. I can really see my improvement run after run. I am hoping to drop a few pounds along the road as well. I have also added my Garmin results to my Strava account so that my training schedule is out there for people to see, another level of accountability!

I also signed up for a 14 in 2014 Challenge this year. To run 14 runs in 2014. The first run I had on the schedule was for New Years day, however that didn’t happen – no excuses, it just did not happen. However I have since added a few virtual races to my roster for 2014, two happen to fall on January 25th, one with RUN FOR COOKIES and one with LICORICE AND OLIVES. I am going to do two separate runs on this day, one for each of these, as that is my long run for the AMR Challenge. My schedule has more than 14 runs in it for 2014 which is awesome, many of them being virtual races, or free races. I am hoping to keep the running budget in check for this year, as it does not take long for things to add up; so these virtual runs are wonderful. However I have signed up for a few races so that I gather a little bling throughout the year too.

I am off to a group fitness class tonight as well. It is good to be back into a routine, there is something to be said about the consistency and the ability to schedule things that makes life seem to be in balance.

Day 1 = New Start

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Out with the old, in with the new

A new year = another opportunity to start fresh, leaving behind all the negative thoughts from 2013 and building on all of the wonderful events and lessons learned.

As I look back and read my original posts from the beginning on 2013, I realize two things:
1. I accomplished more than I remember: COMPLETED THE 1/2 MARATHON, lost weight, built on a healthy lifestyle
2. There are things that I can still build on. Just because I fell off the wagon, today is another day and I can hop back on. There are lots of great things in store for 2014 and I am going to enjoy them.

I am starting out this year with a few goals that I want to build on. No “new resolutions” for this girl. I want to continue to grow, build on the things I have learned along the way.
1. RUN: I want to run 14 races in 2014.
2. RECORD: record the moments, record the not so good moments, record feelings, record achievements, accomplishments and the all of the joys of each day.
3. REMEMBER: I am worth the efforts, I deserve the best for my health and my family, believe in myself and my abilities.

Here is to another great year! One that will see my family healthy, happy and prosperous. There will be many challenges along the way, but one the other side of things, we will be victorious!

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Runs for 2014

The following is my planned Runs for 2014
January 1: Resolution Run 5K
January 18: MEC 10K
February 16: Really Chilly 10K
March TBA: Lucan St. Paddy’s 5K
March 15: MEC 10K
April 27: Forest City Road Race 10K
May 11: MEC 15K
June 2: Niagara Falls Lady’s 1/2 Marathon
July 1: Lucan 1/2 Marathon
August: Rock the Road 10K
September 21: MEC 15K
October: TBD
November 2: London Lady’s 1/2 Marathon
December TBD: Santa Shuffle 5K
And that my friends is 2014 in a running nutshell 🙂

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14 in 2014

That means I have signed up for a challenge to run 14 races in 2014. I came upon this challenge through a read though of my morning Blog list (I will have to build a blog list soon, I have lots of great ones). I am going to use this blog to track my progress in hopes to get back to blogging again.
So stay tuned…. Race #1 is the Resolution Run (5K) on January 1st!

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Half turned into 5K

So I was supposed to run the London Lady’s Half Marathon yesterday, however training did not work out the way it was supposed to, so instead of doing a run half-assed I decided to switch to the 5K instead. It went well – finishing time 35.45.2. This run was in support of the neo-natal unit at the local children’s hospital. There was a team called Team Lexi, these shirts were everywhere. This little peanut was born at 500grams. I chased this one shirt for the complete 5 km. If that little peanut could be born and fight, then I could certainly run this 5k. Best part of the day, I got to meet little Lexi at the end of the race.

Next race is January 1st. John and I are going to run this one together. We start training this week on our lunch breaks. John would like to run it in under 30 minutes. We have got some training to do. We are going to following the Another Mother Runner 5 km training plan.

Now to keep out of the Halloween candy.

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Keeping it going

No weight loss last week, but getting back into the routine has been a success. Getting my head back into the game, wanting to make the necessary changes, feeling good!
I joined an exercise group on Monday night. It works out great as I drop E off at Brownies and then head to the group which is just down the road, and am finished in time to pick her back up. I used to run during this time, but this spices things up a little bit and certainly works some different muscles. They also meet on Wednesdays so I am going to join in on these groups too when I can.
The person who organized the group also has a small run group that meets at a CRAZY time in the morning (before 5 am). I am thinking that I may join them a couple of times to see if it works for me. It would be nice to get out with some other people for a run, someone to challenge me, someone to chat with (who am I kidding, someone to listen to while I huff and puff my way along). Perhaps next week.
Only 4 weeks until the half marathon, so time to kick the running up a notch. I am getting butterflies already.

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