Day #2

I started my learn to run last night with 30s:1m so I didn’t want to run again tonight. I took the opportunity to go for a 2.5 km walk with my daughter. We had quite a laugh when I almost stepped on a skunk. Let’s just say it was a quick turn around to head back home.

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And another year and a half goes by without much advancement in health

Well that didn’t work so well. Another year and a half has gone by with very little improvement in my health. To be honest it’s probably gotten worse because I have not focused on if.

So…I am going to try this again because… I have to.

So here is the plan:

1. Keep it simple

2. One thing at a time

3. Start a learn to run – tonight’s adventure was 44 minutes with 20 minutes doing 30 sec R, 1 min W.

4. Aiming for 4 days a week.

5. No nonsense! If you haven’t listened to Meredith from Swim Bike Mom, do it. Her podcast about Motivation is Bullshit hit home. I have been saying for so long that I lack motivation, but really it’s discipline that I am lacking (along with a hundred vitamins and nutrients). So I am going to focus on discipline. Follow a plan (Another Mother Runner).

6. Focus on reconnection with myself and others (thanks to Dr. Jody Carrington – another beautiful women who has so much to offer this world).

So let’s try this again. Maybe I will finally do this – this time around.

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Wow, where did 4 years go?

How is it possible that four years has gone by since my last post. Talk about falling off the wagon….
When I look back at what we have done in the last four years:
1. Moved to PEI
2. Moved to BC
3. Moved to AB
Yes that is three huge moves in four years!!!
1. Worked at the Greenhouse (loved this job)
2. Now working in the cattle industry again (had to leave the greenhouse because we changed provinces)
Big career changes however the experiences were definately worth the changes.
Health wise….. well let me tell you it has not been a joy ride in that area of life.
1. Went through and am continuing to fight with adrenal fatigue (three huge moves will do that to you).
2. Little to no exercising, resulting in putting back on all (am more) weight that I had lost.
3. Battling with low iron levels and probably alot of other mineral/deficiencies.
4. I did complete my first Sprint Triathlon in September 2016.

This is the main reason for starting back up this blog. After battling for four years, I am finally going to do something to become healthy again. Therefore the “THIS” in the finallygoingtodothis title means:
1. The year of NO NONSENSE (
2. Figure out what deficiencies that I have and deal with them.
3. Run again, maybe a 10K, a half marathon, or maybe even a triathlon – but starting again at Learn to Run

THIS means get healthy!
I plan to use this page as a journal to record my NO NONSENSE lifestyle this year.

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What the foot doctor said

The last couple of weeks have been tough, I have been battling with a pain in my right foot on my runs, the weather and road conditions have been crappy, and I have had far too many dates with Mr. Elliptical when I would have preferred to be outside. After last week’s long run, about 200 yards from home, it felt like I broke something in my foot, a shooting pain that stopped all running. I thought I had stepped on a piece of gravel, however it was just my foot telling me that I needed to stop running. I did some research and it looked like something I definately needed to check out. So I made an appointment with a foot specialist at a sports clinic and the conclusion is I am going to be getting orthotics to wear when I run. Long story short (without any technical terms as I can’t remember any of those big words) I am putting to much pressure on the ball of my foot when I run due to my arches of my foot not staying where they are supposed to. I should have my have my orthotics by the end of the week (super fast), they recommend wearing them for two weeks before I start putting lots of miles on them in a long run. However best news ever, it is nothing serious and I can keep running (limited for the next couple weeks). There is certainly something to be said for going to a clinic that specializes in sports. They didn’t care that I am not a competitive runner, not on a competitive sports team, they just wanted to make sure I could keep active doing what I wanted to do. Yeah!!

This past week I have been using the elliptical to try and keep the pressure off my foot. It looks like this will be the game plan for the next couple of weeks as well. I did however managed to get in 5 miles yesterday but my foot was sore the whole time. However there was no snow, no ice, dry roads and sunshine. I was happy to get this in, because today is is crappy again with more snow. There will be lots of dates with Mr. Elliptical over the next couple of weeks so hopefully the weather will be nicer after that.

We are half way through our half marathon training. Training is going well, however I am hoping it will be better once the foot issue clears up and Mother Nature cheers up some!

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It is still cold out there

Mother Nature still has not let up in our area.  We still have a pile of snow, our roads are still snow covered and it is hard to get my daily runs in.  Since my last post, I have had more dates with Mr. Elliptical than the roads, thank goodness the schedule is somewhat flexible. I have gotten in a few exercise classes which is great as they help me cross of the cross-training days on the schedule.

Last week there was three dr. appts with our little guy who broke his elbow a while back. So my lunch runs were out of the question, but I did manage to get in my long run on Saturday. It was bright, sunny, still cold, but there was no wind.  It was tough, the first half was on snow packed roads, which made my legs tire faster than I would have liked.  The second half was pretty clear on paved roads, well a little path down the center of the lane, thank goodness for little traffic. I ended up walking the last mile on the schedule because I just could not make my legs run that last mile on snow again.  They were just too tired.

Monday I tried to get in my 3 miles following our exercise class, but only got in 1.5 miles before I had to pick up my daughter.  I thought that it would be easier to run in town but their streets were just as snow covered, perhaps worse than at home because it was broken up, loose snow and was like running in the sand. So I tried again yesterday to get in the 5-6 miles. I went out close to dark with flashlights and a plan to run 1 mile out and back three times so that I would be close to home. However that lasted only 1.5 miles too because I could hear the coyote packs in the woods and I high-tailed it back home.

So I went out again this morning and finally got in 5 kms (3.11 miles). I finally broke the 40 minute mark.  The run was the first one on dry pavement since I started training.  It was COLD, – 24 degrees Celsius out there, but again no wind, so it was not too bad. I was dressed for the weather. However I noticed that running on the packed snow where you have to watch your every step has shortened my already short strides.  Tomorrow I think I am going to head to the track to get in the interval training, I really want to stretch out my legs.

This weather is really testing my ability to get out there. My legs are tired and are really tight  when I start out. However I keep reminding myself how much further ahead I will be when this snow is finally gone.  Milage is starting to get bigger, so the commitment will have to get to a bigger level as well. The goal is there, I just have to reach it.


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Finally a break in the weather

We have finally caught a break with the weather this week. From Saturday the 25th – Saturday the 1st there was no way I was running outside. It was miserable, COLD and blowing. Much to dangerous to get out on our sideroads, as the plows fly and I don’t know if they would have seen me at all. I did find out that there is an indoor track that we can use, but it is 25 minutes from my home, so if the weather is bad, I still can’t get to it. However at least I know if it is “just cold” there is somewhere to go, and it would also be a great place for speed intervals.
I was supposed to run two virtual runs on the 25th however due to the weather I did not do either on that day. However I did finish one yesterday – Run For Cookies in celebration for Katie’s birthday. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, but it was BRISK! The roads were completely snow-packed so footing wasn’t great, but I got it done. You can see from the picture that it was cold and the minute I pulled the camera out of my pocket it completely fogged up. I tried to take another picture, however my phone died at that very time. The time was certainly not as fast as I would have liked it to be, however given the conditions I was very pleased to get it done. And being outside was glorious!! 40:33

It was chilly out there.

It was chilly out there.

After this run last night, I went to exercise class. Guess what they made us do… RUN LAPS 🙂 My legs were tired! However I felt like I was flying as I was on solid ground, no wind, no snow and could run at full stride. 50 times around the gym with exercise intervals spread throughout made for an excellent workout.

On the agenda for today is 4-5 miles as Miles 1-2 Easy; mile 3 Tempo (Zone 3); miles 4-5 Easy. I am going to use this one as the second Virtual Run – Licorice and Olives. It is supposed to get cold again with yucky weather again tomorrow, so I really want to get out there today. I think I will run out and have my hubby pick me up on the way somewhere, that way I can run on paved, drier roads with no snow.

Spring is on it’s way, I know it is 🙂

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That wraps up my run today – FREAKING COLD! -14 degrees celsius but -24 with the wind and it was windy. It didn’t look like it was blowing from my nice sunny living room window, however when I got dressed and got to the end of the driveway, it was COLD. The wind was blowing across the fields and I decided to go the route where I would be most sheltered. Well that worked for the first half of the run, but not by much. My legs were cold the whole time. My muscles did not loosen up any. I was very thankful for my Buff as it went from a head warmer to a full on hoodie. I was wearing sunglasses too so I was pretty much fully covered but I was very happy that I only had 4 miles on the schedule today and I still didn’t finish the whole 4 miles.

Usually I don’t give up before I see the number on my watch however it was just too darn cold. I didn’t even stop to talk to my neighbor who was taking out his recycling. That never happens. I was never so glad to arrive home, take off all my wet clothing (it’s funny how you can still sweat like crazy when it is freezing out), take a hot shower, blow dry my hair and have a hot tea. I think I am finally back to the right temperature.

A big thank you to all of the wonderful people taking part in the Another Mother Runner Challenge and that are part of the Strava online group. What a fabulous group of people. They are so encouraging and they are the real reason I “got up and went” today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Another big thank you goes out to the ladies in my workout group on Monday and Wednesday nights. They are another fabulous group of ladies and really organize a great workout. I am certainly feeling muscles that needed to be worked out and I truly enjoy going.

Tomorrow is XT or another 2-3 easy miles. Depending on the forecast it may be a date with Mr. Elliptical, as it was just too freaking cold outside today.

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Licorice and Olive 5K practice run

Saturday was Long Run day, however it was also a practice run for the Licorice and Olive 5K series that starts this Saturday. It was COLD and WINDY on Saturday. The schedule called for 4-5 miles, I managed to finish 5.7 kms (3.4 miles).

Check out the running conditions.

Check out the running conditions.

As you can see the running conditions were not that great. However great for working those stabilizer muscles. My ankles hurt after this run. So after I finished this 5K, I restarted my watch again and finished another .7 kms. On the way back I was also facing the wind and called it quits when I reached the farm where I met up with hubby and kids checking out some newborn baby calves.
Yesterday was a very nice break and this week is another week of EASY runs (hahaha Easy my butt). I am also hoping to get to both exercise nights this week. It will be a busy week with everything going on, so I really want to get my runs in at lunchtime. I will be upping the interval times on my watch to 6:1, however I do not expect I will be any great gains in speed this week. The road conditions around our house are less than stellar for running, so slow and steady will mean completion not breaking records.
I must say as well that I LOVE my new Forerunner 10. It is wonderful and I LOVE how I can download the information and visually see my results. AWESOME.
Here is to another great week!

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Switch up

Yesterday it called for 3 miles, however due to weather I switched it up for Friday’s Cross Training and did 40 minutes on the elliptical. I like the elliptical, I find I work more, sweat more and it REALLY helps with the cardio part of running. Today I want to get out for the switched-up 3 miles, however it is blowing out there. Perhaps if I bundle up and run a route that has the wind at my back it will work out. I will have to convince my husband to come and pick me up somewhere along the route.

Tomorrow is my long run 4-5 miles. I was going to run the MEC run but I am going to run a virtual practice run for the Licorice & Olive Virtual Run Series. For budgeting purposes I really want to keep the number of pay races I participate in to a minimum. Although the MEC runs are very reasonably priced (only $20), I still have to drive to the city to participate.

So I will get the 3 miles done today, it may not be speedy due to the road conditions, but it will be done.

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Got it done

I got in the 3 miles today like it said on the schedule. And for the first time ever I ran in the dark by myself. It was a beautiful night out, no wind, full moon, great music and lots of fresh air. Today was crazy busy with work and I wasn’t able to get out before the kids got home from school, then there was supper and swimming. I didn’t want to alter the schedule so close to the start, so I told my husband that I was going out and I would be within yelling distance from our home. So off I went, flashlight in hand, very overdressed and ran all three miles within a half mile from my doorstep – out and back, out the other way and back. I may have mentioned before, I generally really dislike out and back routes, it gets kind of boring, however tonight it was so quiet outside, with the moonlight on the snow, everything looked so peaceful and the time seemed to go by very quickly. I wasn’t breaking any records for speed, but! Another happy face on the training schedule.

My legs were pretty sore today after yesterday’s run and then exercise class last night. The class I go to is pretty flexible and unstructured, however it is wonderful. Lots of great ladies and lots of laughs. After working from home, I truly appreciate the opportunities to get out and visit with others, the additional bonus is the exercise that goes along with it. Ladies take turns running the class and last night was circuits for legs and abs, what a workout. Loved it!

Tomorrow is cross training on the schedule, not sure what I am going to do yet. Either the elliptical or perhaps the Boot Camp working from the Shrinking Jeans website. Another one of the wonderful support groups/websites/blogs that I follow.

I have to say a big thank you to all of those who sent notes my way on the Strava site. I have to play around some more to figure out how to do this too. All these technical things to learn (blog, websites, social media). Although I consider myself technologically capable, and use a computer all day long, these new social sites take some getting used to. However they have also allowed me to surround myself with positive, motivating, encouraging, supportive and thoughtful people. Most of them I will never meet however each and every comment is a little blessing and I hope to be able to share some positive messages with others as well.

A big thanks to my hubby who is my positive, motivating and encouraging support at home. Although some times I think he thinks I am nuts wanting to run another (few) half marathon(s), he is always supportive along the way. I found a great love with him.

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